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Saturday, December 23, 2006

On The Road Again

Kendra and I left home early (about 7 am) on our Santa run to my mum's in Victoria. Snow on the Malahat but other than that the trip there and back was without incident. Traffic was surprisingly light being as how Christmas is only two days away. My younger brother, Leyton, met up with us at mum's for lunch and delicious it was too .... ham and scalloped potatoes, sliced tomatoes and chicken drumettes. The weather was not so bad, sunny mostly but every so often some heavy clouds would roll in so we left early for home just in case. Arrived back safe and sound at around 2:30 pm.

Next year I must remember to do this no later than December 15th.

Kendra wore one of her Grad attire that she just got from Cedar Community Secondary School the day before -- nice cozy and comfortable Cedar Grad 2006 sweats and zippered hoody!

Saw a nice picture of my great niece, Miranda in a card that my niece Tammy had given mum. I must make an effort to visit them in 2007!


BigSisPat said...

Great start, now how about some pictures so we know who all these folks are?


Sharon said...

Pictures, hmmmm, good idea. Must remember to do that Pat!