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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Making a list and checking it twice

Well, here it is .... Christmas Day is tomorrow -- unbelievable how fast the time goes isn't it.

I have a last minute food shopping list that I am heading out the door to get and they I will hurry back home to peel, slice and chop. This is one part of the holiday season that I really enjoy. Making up the food platters -- all the lovely colours and smells.

I might buy a turkey .... I was feeling sorry for myself as it will only be the girls and I here for Christmas Dinner but when I think about it at least I have my girls with me tomorrow and I think I should go full steam ahead and make up the turkey and all the trimmings feast.

I will stop at Tim Hortons on my way to Safeway for my English Toffee Coffee and ponder some more about this.

My mum just called and said she loved me .... that is nice and I had a quick chat with Daphne from Argentina on MSN moments ago so life is pretty good.

From my home to yours ...... a very Merry Christmas!

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