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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Today is a beautiful day on my Island in the Pacific. I should be out doing some yard work but I have a really good excuse not to be doing that. Kendra, my youngest daughter, came by to borrow my truck, wheelbarrow, shovel, etc. etc. My nephew Brent, who has recently moved here from Cranbrook is going to help her move all her landscape rocks from her backyard to my home. She is going to plant grass so her little one can play outside. Those rocks are just too sharp for her little toes besides which she is at that age where everything goes into the mouth!


Princess "R" at the new play area at Woodgrove Mall.


Jan said...

Yes I have been putting off being outside too, though my excuse is that it is still too hot!!!!
I take it that Princess R will be safe from the rocks at your
Love and Hugs

Chrissie said...

Hiya just had a look at your blog I never realised you have been doing this blog for a good few years. My Great niece will be born today I hope, so will be putting lots of photo's on my blog when she born when I see her of course. Should be any time soon when Elliott text me at 11am she was 5cm and its now 2.12pm. Sorry got carried away there I will check back on your blog to see what you have added, keep up the good work!